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Getting your campaigns up and running should be quick and easy - and with ClariFi Digital, it is. Learn about the basic components of a digital campaign:

Components Of A Campaign

Build the campaign

Choose your demographic data, timeframe, location and where you want your ads placed.

Drag and drop

Drag and drop or upload your creative into the campaign.

Set budget

Control your budget from total spend to daily spend and more.

Run campaign

Press start and your campaign will start running in about :30 minutes.

Real time performance & custom reporting

No more "hope and pray" advertising. Real time data that is 100% adjustable based on performance.

10 Minutes

A basic campaign be setup and started in 10 minutes or less.


Customer info

Click and choose age, sex, ethnicity, income, consumer interests and more.


Control when your run your campaign. One hour a day. One day. One Week.


Control your location, down to 50ft. Geofence. Upload customer lists and more.


You choose the landing spot for the creative. Static ads in apps or websites. CTV video. Audio on digital radio or podcasts. Target Iphone or Android. Mobile, desktop, tablet. Channels and segmentation are endless.


Setup your own campaign goals, CPM, CPC, Conversion Rate and more.

Data & Reporting

View and edit campaigns in real time.

Setup automatic custom reporting

Adjust cost based on win rate %

A/B test targeting tactics to gain customer insight

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